Times are changing

So, I started this blog as an excercise in restraint. I thought that if I made work of going out to eat more often, would I then, decide to cook at home more? The answer to that question is yes, yes I would. (It’s a battle of he lazies!) But that don’t stop a ho from eating out a LOT and with exuberance. It has simply made my trips out much more meaningful. I want for good food experiences just so I can write about them here. 

I also began to think more about the days that would be best to post. It isn’t like every meal is a date night meal, though I will mark posts that would be good for a date. Not every meal is good for lunch or a work session. So a particular time for each weekly post could be more even handed. For this reason, I will be moving my posts to the middle of the week, Wednesday afternoon. (Morning for those of us on the left behind coast.) 

I hope this brings you more delicious possibilities to look for in the coming week. I’m still Seattle bound so Seattle focused but my many travels will offer a lot more. (As I will likely eat out every day on trips.) 

All that said, sit tight for the next post!

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