Arashi – Tukwilla, WA

Cost: $25
What to Wear: It’s the suburbs. Whatever you wear, wear it with a fanny pack.
Guilt Element: Good lattes that can rival a cup of black.
Soundtrack: Dreezy ft. T-Pain “Close to You”

Restroom: Never went in.

This is usually a pescatarian and often vegan friendly food blog but I can be swayed to disavow my vegetarian habit for the promise of an awesome food experience. I was given such a promise in ramen at Arashi in Tukwila, WA. Generally good ramen spots I’ve frequented have a vegetarian option but this spot is all about the goodness of porkbone broth, and I ain’t mad about it. In fact, if I weren’t into this vegetarian habit, pork would be the first and only meat of my choosing. #noregrets

I say all of that to mean, apologies regular pescatarian/vegetarian readers. This post is not for you.

I ordered the spicy miso at regular heat which was perfect. I have quite a high tolerance for heat and this was just enough to open up the nasal passages. Perfect for resisting a cold that might have been sneaking up on me after walking in the cold rain. If you are the type of unfaithful vegetarian who needs to be able to “eat around” the meat, then this is not the spot for you. As I said the perfection is in the one broth and in the dish I ordered, you have the pleasure of tiny pieces of pork floating freely. While the pork is a little gritty, the egg is perfectly soft boiled and soaks in the delicious spiciness of the miso broth. The noodles are, of course, al dente perfection as they are made daily. Come about a half hour to hour before you want to sit, the place is tiny and there is usually a line.

It’s the kind of joint where you eat silently and quickly because of its size. I had the ramen with a J-Pop hard soda which I do not recommend.

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